Treatment of baldness

Industry: treatments , baldness , Hair Subject: Treatment of baldnessA new way to treat the disease dating back to historyIntroduction: In the definition of baldness, it should be mentioned that 2 types of baldness are considered among the different types.1- Androgenic baldness: It is hair loss that continues chronically and continuously over time and the […]

Bending MDF

Industry: wood and MDF Subject: Using a comfortable method without human intervention to bend MDF Problem or the possibility of improvement: As you know, due to the type of wood and the type of use, humans need to be very careful to bend MDF to prevent the wood from breaking, and the wood must be […]

Smart glasses ( glasses which can call a person after sleep)

Industry: Eyeglass making Subject: Making glasses that can act as an alarm and wake the person up after sleep Problem or the possibility of improvement: If you have an important appointment and you want to wake up at a certain time, you must set an alarm. But what do you do if, for any reason, […]

Wonder Restaurant

Industry: Food and restaurant management Subject: Changing the design of restaurants to make the restaurant room attractive, earn more money, and create industrial automation Problem or the possibility of improvement: Today’s restaurants are not useful in attracting customers due to their repetitive performance. In addition to good food quality, humans also need entertainment. Our solutions […]

Green and fertile land

Industry: Agriculture Subject: Planting yarn plants to fertilize agricultural lands and no need for irrigation Problem or the possibility of improvement: This is the best suggestion for you if you live in areas where the land is doughty and you have a problem with irrigating plants. In dry climates and lack of rain, plants don’t […]

Online Doctor

Industry: Medicine Subject: Virtual and online consultation of patients with doctors and no need to visit in person Problem or the possibility of improvement: Because society has become modern, we try to be able to save time and do our work virtually. There may be a particular problem at some point in time that makes […]

Cooler helmet with air conditioner

Industry: industrial tools and equipment, automobile, safety Subject: Making a cooler helmet to keep cool on hot days Problem or the possibility of improvement: We have all worn helmets at least once. But have you ever worn a helmet on hot days? But people who always have to wear a helmet get into trouble. Like […]

Trash Can

Industry: manufacturing, plastics, engineering Subject: Cool trash can to prevent the bad smell of garbage Problem or the possibility of improvement: Just think about the moments you wanted to throw away garbage and they were teased by a bad smell. If we throw household garbage in the bin, because we add new garbage again, we […]

Insecticide Window Lace

Industry: glass and mirrors and PVC (polyvinyl chloride) Subject: Investigating the lack of PVCquality in modern human needs and replacing it with more advanced methods. Problem or the possibility of improvement: How do you get rid of insects? With insecticide and window lace. But have you ever thought about its disadvantages? Due to the many […]

Clean Energy

Industry: Energy, electricity, and environment Subject: Using clean energy instead of fuel to save energy and prevent air pollution Problem or the possibility of improvement: Most of the world’s energy consumption comes from fossil fuels. These fuels contain a variety of toxic and dangerous pollutants that enter the environment and eventually the human food chain […]