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Cooler helmet with air conditioner

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Industry: industrial tools and equipment, automobile, safety
Subject: Making a cooler helmet to keep cool on hot days
Problem or the possibility of improvement: We have all worn helmets at least once. But have you ever worn a helmet on hot days? But people who always have to wear a helmet get into trouble. Like bike deliveries. Because of heat, we won’t be able to think right and human health will be in danger. We have to do something else. Excessive sweating may have skin problems and hair problems .so for human health we share another idea.
Our solutions & suggestions: Each of us may be in trouble for personal use or to drive karting engines due to the heat. The helmet should be light in weight. The body should be strong but light. So in addition to all this, we have to think about temperature balance. Here’s how it works: The cooling part is a small air pump that converts hot air into the cold air and transfers it to the helmet. Cool air then moves around the rider’s head, lowering the temperature inside the helmet.
An interesting idea is that you can make a company logo for bike deliveries that is specific to that company. The cooling system can be connected directly to the engine battery or a separate battery can be provided for it. It consists of a material that is cooled by a high-pressure airflow outside and transfers the temperature to the head. But what if the weather is rainy and humid? The body of the helmet should be waterproof and scratch-resistant. Notably, these ideas can process and update, and if requested, you can be associated with us.
Conclusion: The best way for people to be safe and comfortable is a helmet with an air conditioner. Be sure to keep it firm


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