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Green and fertile land

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Industry: Agriculture

Subject: Planting yarn plants to fertilize agricultural lands and no need for irrigation

Problem or the possibility of improvement: This is the best suggestion for you if you live in areas where the land is doughty and you have a problem with irrigating plants. In dry climates and lack of rain, plants don’t grow properly and we have dry land. That is why no tree removes pollution from the air and keeps the air clean and neat. On the other hand, the view of the city is not good at all and reduces its beauty. besides the issue (clean air), we need trees which can give us fruit, which we will lose this opportunity if we face a lack of rainfall.

Our solutions & suggestions: To solve this problem, we should use yarn plants. To understand how these plants help us, we must first check their contexture. We have two types of yarn: natural and chemical. Some fibers, such as glass and carbon, come from minerals and the source of natural fibers are fleece, silkworm, cotton, and hemp. To do this, it is better to use natural yarn because they absorb more water, and especially if we use fireproof cotton, it won’t get on fire.

Another issue is that in the apartments, a wet sponge is placed under the soil to irrigate the plants well. Because the sponge has the property of absorbing water and over time it delivers water to the plant. This saves water and does not require excessive care. We need a supply. In this idea, trees are planted in the ground and yarn plants are planted around them. These plants do not need irrigation. So where does the required water come from? From the humidity in the air. These plants take in moisture from the air and pass it through their bodies to the ground. All of these plants are connected by branching and act as a source of nutrients for the trees. This way you no longer need irrigation or rainfall. This idea is very suitable for cities with dry weather and can make the city beautiful.

Conclusion: With this idea, you no longer need irrigation and rain, and you can easily have a verdured city and fruitful trees.


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