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Industry: Medicine
Subject: Virtual and online consultation of patients with doctors and no need to visit in person
Problem or the possibility of improvement: Because society has become modern, we try to be able to save time and do our work virtually. There may be a particular problem at some point in time that makes it difficult to do things in person. Like these days we are in quarantine. To prevent Covid 19 disease, it is best to stay indoors as much as possible. If we see a doctor in person, there is a possibility of increasing infection, wasting time, the possibility of transmitting the disease, and so on. I said all this to show you how easily you can access “Online doctor” anywhere.
Our solutions & suggestions: You are sitting at home and you feel sick but you are not in a mood to go and see your doctor? How do you feel if you see him/ while lying on your bed? You can access the doctor anywhere and anytime. All you have to do is log in and choose the specialist doctor you want and describe your problem. The doctor will write the required prescription for you according to the symptoms. You can easily communicate with your doctor without any restrictions. For those who are far away from the doctor, this idea is the best choice. You can make a file with one visit, and since then you will have your doctor. Another benefit of this idea is that because it is virtual, it can cost less to visit. In this case, people who do not urgently need to see a doctor will prefer to sit at home and spend less time and money to solve their problems.
Many side options can be considered for this idea. For example, if a person has a skin disease and the doctor needs to see this patient, the video call feature can be enabled. Or, for example, to measure body temperature, etc., put an option that a person can tell the doctor his body temperature by placing a finger on your phone or a sensor. But how about an examination? A small online home system can be installed in any home or office or any desired room that the doctor can perform the initial examination. This device can scan the National Card or be equipped with a fingerprint sensor and also send blood pressure, blood sugar, oxygen, and other essential items to the doctor. Or using a scanner to see the health of the patient’s eyes is a good idea. Notably, these ideas can process and update, and if requested, you can be associated with us.
Conclusion: Because this idea is widespread and suitable for everyone, it can be considered as one of the best recent ideas. Who hates sitting at home and seeing their doctor?


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