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Smart glasses ( glasses which can call a person after sleep)

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Industry: Eyeglass making

Subject: Making glasses that can act as an alarm and wake the person up after sleep

Problem or the possibility of improvement: If you have an important appointment and you want to wake up at a certain time, you must set an alarm. But what do you do if, for any reason, such as exhaustion and alarm damage, you can not wake up and lose your appointment? Or suppose you are going to see your friend after a long time but won’t wake up after alarm. You may not have a separate clock to wake you up and use your cell phone. What do you do if your phone runs out of power while you are asleep? You may be accustomed to someone waking you up. In this case, you will not wake up even with several alarms. Or has it happened that your sleep time is disrupted and your physical and mental health is endangered? These are the problems we face during the day.

Our solutions & suggestions: We need to make glasses so that a person can put them on his eyes while sleeping and set a time and his glasses wake him up at a specific time. but how? By calling the name. Experience has shown that in order to wake people up more easily, their names must be called. These glasses should have a flexible body for sleeping comfort, speakers, alarm, and sensor. It should also be able to increase or decrease the volume. For those who are sensitive to light, light sensitivity can be added so that no light reaches the eyes and does not bother.

If a person’s sleep is deep, it can be vibrated to make it easier for the person to wake up. The glasses can be made that they can either be charged with a battery or can be charged with electricity. A drive can be placed for it that can be controlled by impact. Apart from these features, there are many other good features that can be considered for it. That glasses can improve the quality of human sleep by using physical light and stimulating the nervous system of the brain. Since the function of all internal organs is dependent on sleep, this feature can greatly contribute to human health. The eye can secrete melatonin by producing large waves of green light and transmitting it to the eye. But this secretion must occur in a short time. Notably, these ideas can process and update, and if requested, you can be associated with us.

Conclusion: This device helps maintain physical and mental health, time management, and setting sleep time. Many other features can be added to these glasses, which depend on your creativity and people’s needs.


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