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Treatment of baldness

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Subject: Treatment of baldness
A new way to treat the disease dating back to history
Introduction: In the definition of baldness, it should be mentioned that 2 types of baldness are considered among the different types.
1- Androgenic baldness: It is hair loss that continues chronically and continuously over time and the difference in this type of baldness can be seen in different patterns of hair loss. The mechanism of this type of baldness depends on 3 factors:
1. Existence of male hormones with special attention to DHT.
2. Genetics – the expression of different genes that are passed on from the father and especially from the mother to the intended person.
3. Time – The onset of signals and the expression of genes and their combination with DHT and other androgens.

2 – Baldness Alopecia areata: Extreme reaction of hair follicles to the immune system that can be a cause of stress or other underlying diseases.

Target :
The goal of new treatments for baldness could be to analyze plants and newly defined elements. Hair follicles are exposed to many factors, including inflammation caused by androgen hormones. The sensitivity of the issue goes back to the fact that reducing the side effects of androgens or stopping the production of androgens or preventing the binding of androgens to follicle receptors with existing drugs and the use of several potential plant and natural elements can all the following factors In this section, the delivery of drugs to the hair follicles and the selection of efficient and researched elements and molecules for treatment is very important. Also, the toxicity and maximum efficiency of the prepared formula should be guaranteed.
Al-Khwarizmi Company, with its facilities that include multiple laboratories that place research on each of these topics separately and the use of international articles and professors of biology, is trying to take a step based on scientific and practical research, Providing the basis for the treatment of this disease.

This is the prototype product and a new idea and not for personal sale. Pharmaceutical companies can contact our support department for further inquiries.


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